Life Insurance

Protect your family with life insurance

You might think that life insurance is just another expense. Or maybe, you might think that you’re too young to worry about it until later in life.

If you haven’t noticed, here’s a little secret. Life is unexpected. Things can happen in the blink of an eye that can forever change your and your loved one’s lives.

We buy life insurance because we want to know our loved ones are going to be cared for in the future- whatever that might be.

Would someone in your life suffer if you were to become very ill or pass away? Would they struggle? It’s hard to think about. Which is exactly why you need to think about life insurance.

Here are 5 reasons RIGHT NOW is the time for you to find a plan.

1. Your loved ones depend on you

Do you have children who depend on you? If you were to die, would the loss of your income cause an immediate hardship to them? Not only could this make it harder from them day-to-day, it might also take away their dream and ability to attend college later in life.

If a spouse or significant other depend on your income, or your partnership to watch the kids and run a household, life insurance is an absolute must. Falling into debt can happen quickly, leaving your loved ones in a situation where they may lose their home, not be able to afford groceries, or make it day to day.

If you don’t have children or a spouse, someone would still be responsible to pay for your debt, including funeral costs.

2. Life insurance is for them – not you

Hate to tell you, but this isn’t about you. Having a life insurance plan assures you that should anything happen to you, you took the proper steps to protect and provide financial relief to the loved ones you will leave them behind. Life insurance isn’t for the dead. It’s for the living. It’s for them.

3. Life insurance offers time and options

It is not easy to make big decisions in a time of mourning or loss. Having life insurance allows those you leave behind a chance to take some time to make these decisions. The money from your plan can help them transition, and be ready to make decisions when they are more sound to do so, versus making emotional or rash decisions. 

4. You’re young and healthy

Yes, you read that correctly. Many people ages 20-40 feel like they have plenty of time to worry about purchasing a life insurance plan and hold off on buying. But many times, purchasing a plan when you are younger can mean cheaper rates for your plan. Plus, let us not forget how unpredictable life can be. Accidents, emergencies, and sadly even deaths can and do happen to people in this age bracket.

5. Peace of mind

No one can predict the future. But having a life insurance policy means you and your loved ones can be prepared for anything – even the unexpected. Would you sleep better knowing that your family has protection in place should something happen to you? If so, you need a plan.

The bottom line is, losing someone you love will be traumatic enough. Don’t let finances cause extra pain, worry and stress to those you love most. Make sure you have life insurance, and a large enough plan, to cover all expenses. It’s never too early to purchase a plan, but it can be too late. Take care of your loved one’s future.

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